Rio-UnderwaterYoung amputee Rio Woolf jumps into a swimming pool for the very first time after being fitted with a water activity limb from Dorset Orthopaedic.

Rio Woolf, aged 6, has been making quite a splash recently as he has been fitted with his first water activity limb. Wasting no time, Rio put his fully submersible, waterproof leg to the test by jumping into a pool for the very first time, swimming, kicking and splashing, and independently getting in and out of the swimming pool.

Rio was born without a shinbone, knee or ankle joint (a one-in-a-million condition called Tibial Aplasia), which necessitated his lower right leg being amputated through the knee when he was just 14 months old.

Rio’s Mum Juliette comments;

“Rio’s water activity limb has given him the freedom and independence that he has always wanted and that all children should have. He can now have the same fun as his friends and has the freedom to enjoy the water in a way he couldn’t before. For years I have had to push Rio’s wheelchair right up to the poolside and then lift him down into the water or help him hop over from the locker room to the pool. It is amazing to me to be able to watch my son get out of the pool himself and walk towards me at the end of his swimming lesson.”

Sporty Rio can already swim confidently at level 3 without a prosthesis as he regularly attends swimming lessons. However, Rio missed the freedom other kids his age have jumping in and climbing out of the pool unaided.

“This water limb is going to change Rio’s life! He is so excited that for the first time he can jump into the pool with his friends. Now he stands tall alongside the other children in his swimming class and take his turn to practice jumping in from the side.”

Dorset Orthopaedic specialise in meeting the needs of young clients. They regularly fit children, providing them with adaptable and flexible care and ultimately the solutions to help them grow up living their lives without limits.

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