Private Occupational Therapists and Case Managers are busy people. Trying to navigate their schedules to get them in one place at the same time is a mammoth task – so when you have 75 of them together at once, you need to make sure that their time is well-spent.

And that is what Yorkshire Care Equipment plan to do. They’re hosting a free conference exclusively for Private OTs and Case Managers based in the North of England. The YORTRAIN Private OT and Case Manager Conference (not to be confused with YORTRAIN GOLD – last held in October 2016) will be held on April 25 at the picturesque Wetherby Racecourse.

“We’ve never held our YORTRAIN Private OT and Case Managers Conference at an actual venue before, it’s always been at one of our offices,” says YORTRAIN organiser and Yorkshire Care Equipment’s Marketing Director, Tristan Hulbert. “But we’re delighted that the conference has grown to the point where we’ll now fill the Conference Centre at Wetherby Racecourse. We’ve got more speakers than ever before and we want to make maintain our 100% satisfaction rating!”

It’s true – the Private OT and Case Manager Conference has never been this big before. With an impressive list of speakers that will cover a wide array of topics, there is sure to be something to suit everyone. From hoisting solutions and hydrotherapy pools, to writing medical legal reports and marketing tips to build your client base, YORTRAIN will encourage you in a variety of ways you may have never considered before.

Their incredible feedback is testament to the effort Yorkshire Care Equipment puts into every YORTRAIN event; they aim to inspire the attendees and expose them to new ways of thinking about mobility and care solutions. Every single one of last year’s delegates rated the Private OT and Case Managers event as good or excellent, and they all agreed that the training was useful and relevant.

There will be an extensive range of equipment on show to be tried and tested by the attendees so that they can have hands-on experience and understand the full benefits of each piece to see how it would be useful in a variety of situations. YORTRAIN will also provide attendees with the ability to network and connect with one another, to exchange ideas and source solutions. Not to mention that the entire event is free – including free lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

This year, the YORTRAIN Private OT and Case Managers Conference has evolved to include business-related discussions, including a speech from Marketing Consultant, Jonny Ross. With helpful hints and tips on how to build your client base whilst ensuring the best for them at all times, Jonny will be talking about how to get noticed in the industry and how to keep the referrals rolling in.

Yorkshire Care Equipment dreamt up the idea of a free conference a long time ago, and finally made it a reality in 2013 with their first event. Tristan says, “we wanted to give something back to the healthcare professionals who had used our services and recommended us to others in the sector. We saw YORTRAIN as an opportunity to offer them the same thing. Even something as simple at networking can bring you a client or two, and spending some time listening to speakers can open your eyes to technology and techniques that could help to improve so many people’s quality of life. Yorkshire Care Equipment’s mission statement is to ‘enhance quality of life’, and we wanted YORTRAIN to embody that.”

Established in Leeds in 1972, Yorkshire Care Equipment is one of the most well-established care equipment providers in the North of England. You can see their company video and wide range of products at You can also follow them on Twitter @Yorkshire_Care, and like them on Facebook @YorkshireCareEquipment. Alternatively, the Yorkshire Care Equipment team can be contacted on 01423 799960 or via the email address. Book your place on the YORTRAIN Private OT and Case Managers Conference by visiting and clicking book now.