2015-05-14 03.45.36CPD Certified Specialist training in how to manage bariatric patients safely

 Obesity rates in the UK are the highest in Europe and have increased dramatically over the past few years to such an extent that in excess of 20% of the population are now obese and the costs to the UK economy exceed £3 billion per year.

Training staff in bariatric patient handling methods and increasing awareness of what equipment and resources are available is essential so they can cope with an ever growing population.

Our Management of the Larger Person (Bariatric Patient) CPD course gives a comprehensive look at finding solutions for working with larger patients. The course gives you the opportunity to learn on a practical level the techniques and skills required to treat a larger patient, which is supported by theoretical learning. The training will focus on protecting staff members from injury while treating overweight patients, as well as ensuring patients are treated with dignity. The use of the bari suit® helps you to understand the difficult challenges a bariatric person faces on a day to day basis.

rsz_bemoor_3“A brilliant course. The use of the bari suit® provided a useful insight into the barriers experienced by bariatric patients and the course gave me a great opportunity to meet other professionals, network and share ideas”.

Moving and Handling Co-ordinator

“The bari suit® really gave me an insight into how movement is affected by weight”.

Occupational Therapist

“Great training opportunity. Wonderful and knowledgeable tutor. Thank you for sharing your expertise”.

Manual Handling Lead

The course features topics such as:

  • Understanding the challenges from the patient’s point of view – social and psychological
  • Body dynamics
  • Risk assessments
  • Using the specialist equipment
  • Practical handling
  • In-bed care
  • Patient pathways
  • Discharge planning
  • Knowledge test

rsz_benmoor_2Our training courses are available nationwide in our training centres throughout the UK are can be held over a 2-day period with 1 day courses available on request. We can even hold the course at your site if you have a team you would like to train together for your convenience.

Benmor Medical is a leading provider of bariatric care equipment and was the first company in the UK specialising in bariatric patient handling equipment.


Our well established reputation in the UK bariatric sector has been achieved by providing excellent 24/7 customer service, supported by innovative products and the highest quality products and services.

If you would like to join one of our courses, please contact sophie.allen@benmormedical.co.uk or call 0333 800 9000.