Farrah Money is a third year occupational therapy student who has started her very own podcast to discuss and explore all things OT. Last issue she told us all about the inspiration behind her venture.

OT podcast What drew you to occupational therapy?
I was drawn to occupational therapy for a few reasons. The ability to really work in collaboration with people is a huge draw for me because the partnership working is unique. Also, the profession has such a vast range of practice areas meaning you could never get bored within your career.

Has the course been everything you expected so far?
To be fair I wasn’t sure what to expect! I have studied previously so I wasn’t too sure how the academic element would compare, but so far so good. The placements have been tricky as there just aren’t enough to go around but I don’t see this as the university’s fault. It’s strange to think by July (fingers crossed) I will be qualified, so something must be going right!

Where did you get the inspiration to start a podcast?
I listen to a few OT podcasts but one I have been listening to for a while now is Spill the OT. Although the host Robyn is based in the United States, I really appreciated her honesty about the profession and her openness to the reality of being an OT. So that is definitely part of the inspiration behind the podcast. The other was the fact that as great as all the OT podcasts are, there were so few based in the UK. The fact that the UK is so unique because it has the NHS, meant that much of the finer details about practice within podcasts would become lost as different countries work under different conditions. So, I thought why not? I love to learn and enjoy talking so it seemed perfect.

How did you go about starting it?
I watched a tonne of YouTube clips from how to set up the best sound quality, through to setting up intros and outros. Then I started to really listen on another level to the podcasts I enjoyed, taking in ideas of how they structured their interviews with guests. I knew I didn’t want it to be too rigid in format and I liked the idea of it being more natural. I got in touch with the only other UK-based OT podcaster I knew of at the time – Kwaku from the  OT and Chill podcast and he gave me some great advice to follow, and the rest is now history!

Do you get nervous hosting your own podcast?
Sometimes I do, it depends on the moment. I always get online early to take a few deep breaths and compose myself. A cup of tea helps to steady any nerves and I just make sure I am super prepared beforehand. I have to admit I am a bit of a serial microphone checker!

What do you get out of it and what do you hope others take from it?
I honestly have learnt so much already. It’s a great way to network with other OTs and OT students on a global level as they reach out via social media. This has been super interesting as you get to have conversations with other likeminded people about how OT works in their part of the world. So that has been a real privilege and positive for me. What I hope for others is that they enjoy listening and maybe they learn something they didn’t know or clarify something they maybe weren’t so sure on. I try to get a good range of content to keep things interesting and would always welcome any suggestions or offers to be on the show. Its also hopefully a little bit of inspiration for others to start up a podcast if they want to, let’s make this UK-based OT podcasting world a little bigger.

You have covered some really interesting topics; do you have a favourite episode?
Each episode for me is a real treasure so I couldn’t really single one episode out as a favourite. What’s nice is each time I get a different experience and learn so many new things, each guest brings their own essence which I really like. I have some super guests lined up for the end part of the year so I am hoping people will continue to enjoy the range of content.

Is it something you hope to continue once you are qualified?
Absolutely! I’m really excited to chart my career once I qualify, via the podcast. I will do a few solo episodes detailing various elements of my setting and offer more ‘in context’ episodes informing guests and followers on what I’m up to, where I’m heading and what I experience as a newly qualified OT. I may even be lucky enough to find a couple of permanent co-hosts within my future team and make a little MDT trio podcast!

Is it difficult to balance your workload and host this podcast?
It’s all about the balance. I aim to release an episode every two weeks so that’s quite a lot of work on top of family, life, and university, you don’t realise how much time it all takes until you start,  but I enjoy doing it so I don’t mind.

Do you have any advice for OT students looking to expand their horizons and positively promote the OT profession through creative mediums?
I would say if you have something in your mind explore it a little to begin with, and don’t be put off thinking its unachievable for you or you can’t do it. Reach out to others in the field who you feel may be able to help or offer advice, most people are approachable and happy to support fellow OTs and students so I say go for it!

How do OTs tune in to your podcast?
My podcast is created via Anchor so you can listen there at: https://anchor.fm/farrah-money or if you search ‘OT-What’s your focus?’ on either  google podcasts, Spotify, Apple podcasts, Breaker or Radio Public I should come up.

You can also follow me and the podcast on Instagram at @ot_whatsyourfocus.

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