UNISON-logoUNISON Cymru/Wales has responded angrily to comments made by the David Cameron about the NHS Wales, after the Prime Minister stood by his description of Offa’s Dyke as a “line between life and death” due to cuts in Welsh NHS funding.

In response, UNISON Cymru/Wales head of health Dawn Bowden said: “The Prime Minister’s comments about the Welsh NHS are as unhelpful now as they were when he initially made them.

“His attempt at political point scoring is a kick in the teeth for the dedicated members of the NHS Wales workforce.

“The negative impact that the Prime Minister’s previous comments had on confidence and morale was palpable, yet he has completely disregarded this and made the same damaging remarks.

“UNISON members – who are the largest group of staff working in the NHS in Wales – will once again go home from work to hear their Prime Minister berating the services that they work tirelessly to provide, and this is unacceptable.

“In reality, however, it is difficult to think that the Prime Minister’s comments are anything other than an attempt to draw the focus away the negative reports about the NHS in England.”