1877 GM CoachworksWheelchair access vehicle convertors GM Coachwork have launched the world’s first drive-from wheelchair VW campervan. The Panorama combines the independence created by a class-leading drive-from-wheelchair vehicle with the versatility of a camper to create a truly unique vehicle. The wheelchair user is free to drive from their wheelchair or, thanks to interchangeable seats, travel as an up-front passenger and let their partner drive.

The Panorama features GM’s unique low floor conversion which provides the headroom needed for a wheelchair user to comfortably access the vehicle and drive from their wheelchair. The living quarters features everything you would expect to find in a modern day campervan but designed with the wheelchair user in mind including a low level and fold out gas hob and sink, fridge, toilet, plenty of storage, a fold down bed for two and a pop top with space for a double bunk bed.

Nigel Collins, MD of GM Coachwork said “This is an exciting new market for GM Coachwork. A campervan that you can drive-from your wheelchair is a real world first which is very exciting for us. More importantly, a vehicle like this gives a lot of freedom to wheelchair users who will find it a lot easier to enjoy the camping experience”

Prices start at £35,000 for a used VW Caravelle including the camper conversion. New Panoramas are £65,200 OTR. For more information visit www.vwpanorama.co.uk