An incredible feat of engineering, the Tungsten solves current issues when prescribing a bed for a client with increased weight. No rocking, a strong stable bed. Caring for a client with increased weight creates numerous issues with moving and handling. The Tungsten assists in reducing the risk of injury to patient and carer.

  • Strength and stability
  • Ability to handle increasing weight
  • Unique six wheel action that can retract for storage to al- low for solid standing, coming back into action when needed for maximum stability. Ensures there is no movement during care sessions
  • Flexibility with width and start height
  • Manufactured using strong materials with a reinforced frame that will stand up to the increased weight
  • A larger sleeping area of 48” width is standard with bespoke width and start height if required

Optional extras include: Cot sides, Hoops, Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg.

tungsten_man_webThe Tungsten takes into consideration unpredictable excess flesh movement that changes weight distribution allowing for varying client body shape and the support needed for people with increased body weight.

Manufactured using strong materials with a reinforced frame that will stand up to the increased weight. A larger sleeping area of 48”width is standard with larger sizes being available on request.

With the Care Act now in place, there is now a legal duty for local authorities to provide a personalised care support plan. Access to the correct equipment is vital, the Tungsten allows the individual and carer more choice, improved quality of life and more control of their life thereby allowing them to live as independently impossible.

Prescribing the Tungsten with its increased weight capability may prevent delayed discharge from hospital/care home, a major factor that needs to be take into consideration when looking to prescribe the correct and most cost effective piece of equipment.

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