The National Autistic Society respond to today’s CQC report regarding the state of specialist mental health services in England,

Tim Nicholls, Policy Manager at the National Autistic Society, said:

”The National Autistic Society welcomes this report, which reflects many of our concerns about the number of autistic people in inpatient mental health hospitals in England.

“Latest NHS figures show that, despite NHS England’s Transforming Care programme, the number of autistic people in mental health hospitals is actually increasing. And, worryingly, the CQC have identified that in too many cases people’s care plans don’t include any discharge planning at all. This should be in place as soon as someone is admitted.

“Being stuck in inpatient care for a long period, in some cases a long way from home and family, can be extremely damaging and often causes people’s mental and physical health to deteriorate. Long waiting lists for community services show the need to develop more support which can meet people’s needs within their existing community.

“We need leadership from the Government and NHS England, backed up with the funding needed to ensure that autistic people are able to benefit from the Transforming Care programme as they should. Autistic people must not be left behind.”

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