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Kate Sheehan’s column looks at the importance of being specific as a unique selling point as occupational therapists.

We explore the emotional world of the burns unit in rehabilitating a patient.

We speak to the animal volunteers providing companionship and confidence through animal charity, Pets as Therapy.

Meet the brilliant toddlers tackling dementia.

Cooking up a storm with OT Anneleen Leyman, whipping up the perfect recipe for those with function in only one hand.

We find out more about Swirl, the colourful and thought provoking new zine battling mental health.

Explore our killer apps helping you take on the OT world with the help of a screen.

The Living Lab, welcome to the new world of care from Barnet Southgate College CETEC.

Discover the new piece of tech from Korea helping post-stroke or hand injury recovery.

The July/August paediatrics section explores the great outdoors in outdoor intervention, we speak to Newlife Charity and the inventors behind the TubieeGo feeding system and explore pop up sensory pods.

Going it alone, how to take the plunge into the independent sector.

And much more!

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