In the NHS and social care, it’s vital that staff get their flu vaccination to protect themselves, family, colleagues and patients from the virus. Engaging staff and getting their attention is the starting point for any influenza vaccination campaign. The Flu Bee Game is designed to improve staff flu vaccination rates by engaging, educating and encouraging staff to get vaccinated.

Flu Bee is a unique online game, which helps players understand why the flu vaccine is so important, and encourages them to get vaccinated. The game presents flu facts, busts vaccine myths and tells players where and how they can get vaccinated in their organisation.

Flu Bee was inspired by Joan Pons Laplana, Maria Harrison and the transformation team at James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who discovered during last year’s flu campaign that many staff believed that they didn’t need or couldn’t have the flu jab.

“Last year, staff said things like ‘I’m healthy so I don’t need it’, ‘I’m 12 weeks pregnant so can’t have it’ or ‘I’m allergic to something’. These are common myths, so we looked for a fun way to raise awareness of the importance of the Flu Jab and clear the myths that surround the vaccine. We also wanted to provide facts and evidence to people and hopefully encourage them to get vaccinated. I wanted to create a fun game to create a bit of a buzz – I decided to approach Focus Games and they were very keen. The idea took shape and the Flu Bee Game was born,” said Joan Pons Laplana.

The Flu Bee game app works on any device and only takes a few minutes to play. Players answer questions about flu and vaccination. If players get enough questions right, and dodge the flu bugs, the ‘honeycomb path’ they build leads them to ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘Flu Fighter’ status. Players can share their success on the game’s leader-board and invite colleagues to play and compete via social media. The objective is to create a local, regional and national ‘buzz’ through social media and word-of-mouth that raises awareness and increases uptake of the vaccine.

The Flu Bee Game aims to make creating an effective staff vaccination campaign simple for trusts. Flu Bee can be customised to each NHS trusts’ requirements, featuring logos, information and regular updates about their campaign and vaccination rate.

The Flu Bee Game is now available to all trusts and organisations, customised to meet their needs. To learn how to get a customised version of the Flu Bee Game, organisations should visit

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