The FLOAT_Patient Climbing Stairs in Gait Training_130604.JPGThe FLOAT V2.0, the world’s one and only dynamic 3-D Body Weight Support and Guiding System for gait therapy and rehabilitation, was CE marked in June 2016.

The FLOAT (Free Levitation for Overground Active Training) is the world’s first and only dynamic multidirectional 3-D body weight support (BWS) and guiding system for gait therapy and rehabilitation. It supports SCI, neurological, and orthopaedic as well as paediatric or geriatric patients in the training and rehabilitation of their natural gait and locomotion. By means of a sophisticated hardware and a reliable intelligent The FLOAT_Patient Standing Up in Gait Training_130604control system, The FLOAT sets the standard in locomotor therapy concerning performance, comfort, safety, and user friendliness.

With The FLOAT patients have no limitation of motion within a defined training space. Due to the elaborated mechanical principle and the overhead fixation of The FLOAT, the patient is not surrounded by an accompanying device. This in turn enables the patient to carry out activities of daily living such as climbing stairs, sitting down, performing sidesteps, or turning on the spot.

The fall prevention mechanism offers the patients a maximum of safety and lets them train close to their physical limit to maximize therapeutic effects and to gain self-confidence again. The therapists appreciate the free view on the patient and the freedom of choice in the selection of the therapeutic measures. Due to the reduced need of human support during a training session and a reduction of the physical burden on the therapist, cost-effective and efficient training is guaranteed. The FLOAT can be seamlessly integrated into existing therapeutic procedures of any institution.

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