Arc Informatics, creators of the innovative monitoring and alert system TEC-Angel were among the 50 exhibitors attending ATLAS 2019; the biggest annual national training event for DOCOs and Crime Prevention Officers. Celebrating its 30th year anniversary, attendance reached record numbers.

“ATLAS provided us with the unique opportunity to showcase TEC-Angel and to exchange ideas on how it could support existing police initiatives, benefitting the wider community.”

The Herbert Protocol is one such initiative. The scheme encourages carers to complete a form compiled of useful information, to be used by officers should the person go missing. Used in conjunction with TEC-Angel’s ‘Not At Home’ alerts, allowing carers to determine how long the person had been out, and police to be better informed when coordinating a search.

Secured by Design (SBD) is a national police crime prevention initiative. It seeks to achieve sustainable reductions in crime through design and other approaches to help people live in a safer society. SBD can act as an effective gatekeeper and signposting service to 650 member companies and their products, which meet rigorous Police Preferred Specification standards.

SBD accredited TEC-Angel is a standalone system allowing carers to monitor and look for changes in the normal daily activities of a single vulnerable person within a dwelling. It monitors the home not the person and can also detect the likelihood of a fall when that fall affects the person’s normal routine. With no prying cameras or microphones, a combination of movement and door sensors placed in each room link wirelessly to a mains-powered communications hub where its intelligent software automatically alerts a designated carer’s mobile phone via text to let them know if things are not quite as expected.

For more information on TEC-Angel, give them a call or visit their website.

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