Each week there are stories of cost strains facing the NHS and social care providers due to our ageing population and budget cuts, but a company in West Yorkshire is providing a simple service to help overcome this burden.

Be Safe Key Safes, which is located in Leeds, provides a service to vulnerable members of society by simply fitting a lockable key safe on the exterior of homes to ensure access to the front door key so routine and emergency care can be administered without restrictions.

Recommended through a network of social workers, occupational therapists, carers and police the company allows a means of access to homes for a range of care providers safety and efficiently. Paul Wilton, owner of the company, commented: “My background is in the police force and I’ve also worked in care and security so I have a strong understanding of the needs of those who I come into contact with each day.

“Through recommendations I visit homes to fit key safes to those who are now unable to take care of themselves for one reason or another and I mainly work with elderly or immobile people to ensure their home is not only safe but can be easily accessed when required.”

The company mainly supplies The Key Safe Company’s leading Supra C500 key safe model which is recommended by the police for use on external walls and has passed vigorous attack tests standards, Paul says: “Each time I visit someone’s home I talk to them through their options and safety is always their number one priority. That’s why I have no worries about recommending the Supra C500 as it is extremely durable and can make a real difference to their quality of life.”

With the ageing population and the cost of care increasing, simple measures can be taken to ensure homes are both secure and fit-for-care. Paul explains: “The majority of people I work with don’t tend to get a key safe fitted until they really need one for access or if they themselves struggle to get to the door. However I believe it is never too early to think about getting one fitted as it can mean the difference to staying in your own home when the time comes.

“Over the past three years I have started to see a growth in the number of C500 key safes I fit on a weekly basis and I anticipate this number will only increase. It’s a sign of how care provisions are changing and you don’t realise how vital this piece of kit can be to someone.”

Trusted by thousands of UK householders, The Key Safe Company’s leading product the Supra C500 key safe is used by the majority of local authorities, is accredited by ‘Secured by Design’ and is the only key safe tested to the same security attack standards as a domestic front door.

Paul concludes by explaining why he feels confident to recommend the Supra C500 to his clients: “The company has a real integrity to what it does, it has supported me very closely over the past few years and the product speaks for itself. It’s tested to an extremely high standard and it’s the top of the market in my opinion.

“I work closely with people who can be deemed as vulnerable and knowing I’m fitting a key safe that is police recommended gives both myself and them peace of mind.”

For more information, advice or support on any of the products from The Key Safe Company, please visit: www.keysafe.co.uk or for more information on Be Safe Key Safes visit: www.besafe-keysafe.co.uk