StairSteady_Coutts pic1_smallAn innovative, discreet product, which helps people to use the stairs safely and independently.

This product is ideal for individuals who have some difficulty getting up and down the stairs but do not yet require a stairlift, a perfect complementary product to rollators, walking frames and raised toilet seats.

The device is made up of a handrail attached to the wall and a handle that provides support whilst climbing the stairs. The handle locks into position when weight is applied, allowing the individual to pull themselves up and slide the handrail to climb the next step. It works in the same way coming down, providing additional security and support. Its simple design makes its non-intrusive in the home as the handle easily folds away discreetly when not in use.

Young Sheffield engineer and entrepreneur Ruth Amos designed the StairSteady when she was just 15, as part of her resistant materials GCSE. Ruth’s invention too a fully-fledged commercial product in the wake of her success in the 2006 Young Engineer for Britain competition. Ruth has launched her own Sheffield-based business, StairSteady Ltd, to sell and develop the ground-breaking product. The company has developed to become a successful family-run business, and the StairSteady is distributed in the UK by Patterson Medical Ltd.

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