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Long serving staff members have been honoured at Bield’s 2016 AGM for their service to the leading housing and care provider.

Staff members who have served at Bield’s developments and offices for 15 or 25 years made up the group who celebrated a combined total of 235 years of service with the charity.

As a thanks for their longstanding dedication to Bield, the 15 members of staff were presented with their awards in front of fellow colleagues, tenants and Board members at this year’s AGM.

Gerry O’Sullivan, Chair of Bield, said: “The 45 years of work Bield has done could not have been achieved without the dedication and hard work of all our staff.

“I am proud to present so many staff members with Long Service awards and even more so to call them my colleagues.

“The loyalty and hard work exhibited by those recognised at our AGM is at the heart of what we do here at Bield. Without our dedicated staff, we simply couldn’t provide the commitment to care that we do.”

The awards were given to a growing list of members of staff who have dedicated 15 or more years to caring for and helping all of Bield’s tenants and residents across Scotland.

Earlier this year, Bield were presented with the Investors in People Gold award underlining the organisation’s dedication to improving its working practices and creating a working environment that benefits and listens to its employees.

All Bield employees are dedicated to providing quality care which will enhance and enrich the lives of older people in Scotland in line with Bield’s ‘Free to Be’ philosophy which lets people make their own choices about how they live their lives while being there to support them when they need it.