SpaceKraft LogoThe founders of sensory equipment market leader SpaceKraft have taken back control of the company eight years after selling it.

John Kopelciw and Bruce Todhunter are bringing their expertise and passion back to the company they began in 1992.

The joint owners said SpaceKraft will continue its work as one of the UK’s leading sensory needs companies, as well as exploring ways to take the business from strength to strength. Over the next 12 months we will be focussing on introducing new innovative products to the market, launching a new website and working on making our customer experience even better.

The newly appointed Managing Director Chris Morton, who has worked within SpaceKraft for the last 20 years, understands that listening to the needs of all our customers is at the heart of what SpaceKraft is about. This also includes building stronger links with charities, teachers and parents so our product offering meets the needs of our customers.

To celebrate the start of a new chapter in the SpaceKraft story, there are attractive discount offers available throughout February.