ProductImagesDesigned for people with hearing loss, SoundBox reinforces TV, radio and other music players’ sound. The amplification is optimised, producing a volume of up to 120dB’s whilst reducing distortion.

SoundBox has adjustable voice enhancing hi fidelity and rich sound at all volume levels, so you can hear television dialog much clearer. The tone adjustment ensure you will hear your TV better than ever before, whilst the Independent Volume Control allows you to mute the sound on your TV so you won’t disturb others in the house.

The lightweight SoundBox is totally portable, with a sturdy carry handle, it will reach up to 30 metres without losing the signal; simply connect the base to the sound source and take the speaker into a different room or out to the garden. It also features a socket for headphones or a neck loop for an even more personal sound.

Price- £130
Action on Hearing Loss
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