Smart Cells are supporting Rare Disease Day 2018 on February 28 with their social media campaign. The day aims to highlights awareness and the need for research into the over 6000 rare diseases that exist.

With less than 1 in 2000 people having a rare disease, you might feel alone with your condition. Treatments and cures can be few and far between; misdiagnoses and delayed treatment for rare diseases are common. This is due to the rarity of the conditions meaning that the opportunity to research them is so small, and scientific knowledge surrounding them is also lacking.

This year’s theme encourages research and patient participation. Encouraging healthcare professionals, policy makers and researchers to seize the opportunity for research and development for those being diagnosed or treated currently and for those in the future.

Smart Cells, a private cord company, have chosen to show their support for Rare Disease Day 2018 with their social media campaign to help raise awareness. Several conditions that Smart Cells’ work with are categorised as rare diseases, and so their campaign aims to increase awareness of what is being done to support them as well as encouraging them to participate in research that could potentially help future patients with these conditions.

Smart Cells’ social media campaign aims to cover the following four bases:

·         What is Rare Disease Day?

·         What can you do to help for Rare Disease Day?

·         What is a rare disease?

·         Two examples of rare diseases: Thalassemia Major and Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.

The first Rare Disease Day events took place in 2008 in just 18 countries; in 2017, 94 countries participated. Support #RareDiseaseDay on social media using #ShowYourRare and #MyRare. More information about how you can support can be found at