Smirthwaite are very excited to launch their new bright and colourful Chi-Chi stander with a panda design.

Chi-Chi is an entry-level vertical stander designed for children around 6-years-old to 12-years-old (guide only), designed for children who require low to moderate levels of support whilst weight bearing.

Chi-Chi is slim line, easy to use and manoeuvre and will fit well in many environments allowing your child to perform activities without feeling isolated.

Chi-Chi has numerous adjustability in the soft and comfortable knee supports, chest and pelvic bands. The sandals can also be adjusted to be either closer together or further apart depending on your child’s needs. Another feature of the Chi-Chi is the tray which can be tilted and also removed allowing for easy cleaning, or for activities such as sensory wall play.

Did you know? Chi-Chi was the first UK panda at London Zoo back in 1972.

Chi-Chi stander with panda design is priced at £499.

Pre-order now by calling the Smirthwaite Customer Service team on 01626 835552.