With a range of pumps designed specifically to discharge shower water from areas without traditional gravity drainage, such as basements or lofts, customers can still choose their perfect shower thanks to Saniflo. From low level to traditional height shower trays – or completely flat wetroom floors – there is a solution that will suit most shower types.

Wetroom floors are currently leading the shower revolution thanks to their minimalist, clean lines.  The Sanifloor dual action shower pump is designed specifically for areas where floor drainage is an issue and space underneath is very limited. This unique pump both sucks the waste water from the gully and pumps it away.  The two part kit features a powerful shower waste pump and a choice of gully designs so that it can be used to achieve a totally flat floor surface with either a tiled or vinyl wet room floor, depending upon the base surface used and a further third choice of gully works with low level shower trays of just 2cm. It can handle the most powerful rain heads and power showers thanks to its higher flow rates.

Sanishower + is a pump designed to discharge waste from a standard electric or gravity mixer shower and can be used with traditional shower trays of 12 cm and over  in height. With a second inlet it can also take water waste from a wash basin. The Sanishower Flat is a version designed to be used with lower level shower trays of 8cm and above and is supplied with a gully and waste. Both pumps feature low level activation to ensure all water is evacuated.

The Saniflo Traymatic is a low profile shower tray that is supplied with its own external waste water pump. The 5cm tray has an anti-slip finish and can be supplied with optional ramps to further ease access for wheelchair users. For more information www.saniflo.co.uk.