The Sequal Trust is a national charity which fundraises to provide communication aids for disabled people of all ages throughout the UK with speech, movement or severe learning difficulties. These disabilities include; Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease, Stroke, Cancer, disabilities acquired through serious injury or accident and many more.

Sequal Trust aims to help change people’s lives by supplying them with augmentative speech aids, especially for individuals who cannot afford to purchase such vital equipment and for when Local Health Authorities are unable to help.

Anyone who would benefit from the help of Sequal Trust and have a low disposable income can apply for assistance from the charity in gaining access to communication aids provided. You can apply for such assistance either personally, through a friend or family member or by referral from Speech and Language or Special Needs Tutors. Healthcare professionals will be asked to supply an assessment of need within any referral made to the charity.

Once a fundraising campaign has been launched for an individual and proved successful, the equipment is provided on a life long loan basis with Sequal remaining responsible for all necessary repairs and upgrades for the life of each particular device. If and when an item becomes out dated or no longer viably repairable, Sequel Trust will then campaign again to provide a replacement aid. Membership of The Sequal Trust means lifelong help and support.

Whilst NHS services can offer help in many ways, not all requirements can be met for one reason or another, and Sequal is a charity which exists to step in and fill the void; offering a service which will change peoples’ lives for the better, by providing augmentative speech aids to children and adults who are prevented from expressing their thoughts and feelings or who are perhaps housebound and socially restricted.

Since 1969, Sequal has worked to promote independence and self-help for individuals with many different types of disability, providing assistance in equipment from iPads with specialised software or eye operated systems with wheelchair mounts which cost of over £12,000, and every device in aiding speech or social interaction. With the use of these aids it is possible to stimulate learning, independence and reduce the sense of isolation so often experienced by those who are unable to ‘speak’ for themselves.

Sequal does not receive any statutory funding, relying solely on donations. If any individual or organisation can support The Sequal Trust in their vital work, whether that be with the gift of money or know of anyone in need of the charity’s assistance, please call 01691 624 222 or visit where you can read more about Sequal’s work within the disability community and also view a short animated film showing how such devices can be life changing, in ‘Setting Lively Minds Free’.