The Sensory-in-a-Suitcase from SensoryPlus is amazingly compact, housing a wealth of sensory equipment that is ideal for therapy, education and play activities.

From the visual display of the Space Projector and coloured fibre optics; the interaction with tactile balls and paper packs through to the calming sounds of natural music; the suitcase is an Aladdin’s cave of sensory stimuli.

Designed particularly for Community Occupational Therapists and others who need to take the sensory experience to the individual rather than the individual to the sensory experience.

SensoryPlus Ltd is one of the UK’s leading independent sensory equipment providers from single catalogue items through to entire environments. At SensoryPlus they strive to exceed customer expectations by offering a sensitive and collaborative approach. By working closely with customers and by understanding the intelligent application of sensory equipment they aim to bring sight, touch, smell and sound to the sensory impaired. SensoryPlus realise the significance and potential impact of every tool offered.

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