Repose Furniture, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke seating solutions has launched a posture guide which has been developed in association with The OT Service.

This posture guide is a great resource for all healthcare professionals involved in seating assessments. The ability to identify postural need and be aware of the options to support this need are critical so that intervention is timely and appropriate. The ability to apply up-to-date evidence base to a robust clinical reasoning process ensures that the assessor is both confident and competent to make recommendations that have a significant impact on current and future health, wellbeing and activity engagement. This guide provides the clinician with everything they need to know.

“We have worked with Repose to ensure the Guide provides a step by step analysis to support the clinician when assessing and recommending the correct seating solution to meet their client’s needs which can often be complex. “As experienced OTs ourselves, we know exactly what our colleagues can encounter when conducting assessments and I hope this guide will further help with the outstanding work OTs are doing on a daily basis across the UK,” commented Kate Sheehan, director, The OT Service and Repose’s resident occupational therapist.

The guide is illustrated throughout to explain the advice being given and these are complimented by an assessment template. Also incorporated within the guide are several case studies which detail the patient’s condition and post assessment recommendations and further educate the reader on how posture can impact on everyday tasks, long term health and wellbeing.

The main topics covered within the guide are:

  • Education and evidence base for seating measurements
  • Information regarding the importance of good seating posture
  • Clear understanding of spinal deformity and the support options in sitting
  • Holistic seating assessment guidelines and clinical reasoning checklist
  • Postural passport to aid handover and future assessment reviews

“Here at Repose, we are acutely aware of the important role healthcare professionals play in the assessment of people’s seating requirements. We have been working with Kate Sheehan and The OT Service for several years now and Kate has played a significant role in the creation of the guide and I hope it will help healthcare professionals when they are working with their clients to assess their individual seating requirements,” commented Lisa Wardley, managing director, Repose Furniture.

You can download the Posture Guide here

For more information on the full range of bespoke seating solutions available from Repose call 0844 7766001, email or visit the website.


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