seminarroom-schoolofinformationsystems-smu-20070823-01Disability North are delighted to announce “Safeguarding Adults” a Michael Mandelstam course, taking place in February 2017.

This inter-active and practical course considers key legal points about adult safeguarding, including:

  • An overview of adult safeguarding law,
  • Making enquiries under section 42 of the Care Act 2014: the meaning and application of s.42, and misunderstandings,
  • Safeguarding adults under other parts of the Care Act,
  • Safeguarding adult boards and safeguarding adults reviews (SARS),
  • Policy of “making safeguarding personal” and what it really means,
  • Relationship between Care Act safeguarding and the Mental Capacity Act 2005,
  • Legal cases, local ombudsman investigations and other practical examples of application of the law.

Michael Mandelstam provides many legal training courses on adult safeguarding, and has written two edition of the book: “Safeguarding Adults and the Law”.

The course takes place on the 9 February 2017 at Disability North and the cost to attend is £110 (plus vat).

To find out more about the courses and access a booking form please click on the following link: Michael Mandelstam Courses.