Ropox is renowned for being one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment designed to assist people with their independence. Products currently available from Ropox include a comprehensive range of accessible bathroom and kitchen solutions through to tables for home or educations settings and nursing tables for use in nurseries. In the latest stage of its continued growth, the company is delighted to announce that its Vision Tables which have been designed to help people of all ages are now available through the Jiraffe Therapy range as part of a new distribution partnership.

“Jiraffe has a proven track record of sourcing and providing postural care equipment and support for over three decades and we are delighted to be helping them enhance their already comprehensive range of specialist equipment through our new partnership.  We believe this relationship will be extremely beneficial to not only Ropox and Jiraffe but the many clients and OTs we both work with on a daily basis as we strive to assist people with cutting edge solutions to enhance their daily living,” commented Mark Sadler, UK Sales Manager, Ropox.

The Vision Tables are an ideal adjustable table solution for wheelchair users. Designed to be extremely versatile, the Vision Tables incorporate a comprehensive choice of worktop sizes and models, all of which are adjustable to ensure they meet the needs of the user regardless of their age, height or level of mobility.

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With a table tilt of up to 74˚, items such as books and papers are easily accessible to the user while the integrated MagRule magnet which can be placed anywhere on the table guarantees that whatever the user is working on remains in place even when the table has been fully tilted.  To ensure they can be used by children or adults with different seating heights, the Vision Tables feature a manual or electric height adjustment while the stylish ergonomic design ensures they look equally at home in a domestic, education or work environment. For increased comfort, the Vision Tables also have removable arm supports.

10-year-old Maise Brostrøm is a fantastic example of a child who is truly benefitting from using a Vision Table at school. Born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, Maise is a wheelchair user, has specialist equipment at school and is supported by a teaching assistant throughout the school day.  Being in a wheelchair, Maise often had trouble leaning over a table when writing or drawing as there was no room for her wheelchair and the school tables were not adjustable which also caused her some discomfort at times throughout the day

To try and resolve this, Maise’s parents started looking for an alternative table solution which would help Maise and also blend in with the classroom environment and when they found the Vision Table, they knew it would perfect.  “Maise’s Vision Table is fantastic; she loves the fact it is so easily adjustable which means she can be as independent as possible at school and this is great for Maise’s confidence.  This new found confidence, combined with being more comfortable working at her table and being able to participate more fully lessons make the Vision Table an indispensable part of Maise’s education” commented Maise’s mother Jane.

“The Vision Tables from Ropox are a fantastic addition to our portfolio of specialist paediatric equipment. It is our mission to help children of all ages and levels of mobility such as Maise live as independently and pain free as possible as they make their way in the world by bringing the latest innovative products to market.  Education is key to every child’s development and with the Vision Tables from Ropox, young wheelchair users attending mainstream or specialist education settings across the UK who may have found using a table at school a challenge can now enjoy lessons in comfort which can only enhance their education” commented Rachel Davis, Marketing Manager, Jenx Limited.

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Launched in 2014, Sheffield-based Jiraffe is the UK distribution division of Jenx, a family-run company established in 1982 by a paediatric physiotherapist and a product designer with the aim of enriching lives and changing perceptions about disability. Visit for more information.

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