Riser and recliner chairs enable a person to recline to a comfortable position at the touch of a button. Its simple functionality can offer a real benefit to those who might need a bit of extra help rising from a chair. They can be a great help to those who suffer from ailments that affect their comfort whilst sitting down.

With such a vast range of chairs on the market, making the decision on which one could best benefit you can be daunting.

That’s why leading mobility aid retail providers Manage at Home are offering you insight and advice to ensure you are choosing the right riser or recliner to best suit your needs.

Types of chairs:

The chairs that offer the most comfort to one person may not offer the same comfort and needs to another.

The nature of your mobility is likely to play a key part in deciding what lift chair you should choose.

There are three common types of rise and recliner chairs that are currently sold on the market:

Recliner Only Chairs– Lets the user recline the chair back, as well as put their feet up. Some models can recline to a full lying down position.

Riser Chairs–  More compact chairs, many of which have a seat rise or dual seat rise facility.

Riser Recliner Chairs– These include recline, forward tilt and seat rise features.

Finding the correct support within these models is key, so seek advice from an occupational therapist if necessary to talk through which features might be best for you and your needs.

Key Features

Before you get into the different styles, makes and models that you can choose when picking your mobility chair, you need to understand the basic functions.

Here is a breakdown of the key features each type of recliner chair can offer:

Recliner Only Chairs

The recliner only option is one of the most popular when choosing your mobility chairs. These models can have single or double motor features. Single motors have backrests that coincide with the rise of the leg rest. Double motors allow for the leg and backrests to be operated independently as well as together.

This feature offers a great advantage for those who suffer from aching joints or arthritic pain.

Riser Only Chairs

Riser chairs are more compact when compared with recliner or riser recliner chairs. These chairs may not be best for people who lack strength in their arms, as you need upper strength to activate the spring mechanism in the seat. You must also be able to maintain enough balance to stand up while the chair rises.

Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser recliner chairs combine the best features of both standard riser and recliner chairs. There is little to no effort required at all when getting up from these chairs. At the push of a button, the chairs have the ability to tilt and lift you forward onto your feet.

Like the riser chairs, the rise recliners often have a great selection of dual and single motor models that show even greater versatility. Dual motors use one motor for the leg rest and another for the backrest, so both can be operated independently from one another. Single motor are the simplest riser recliners chairs to use, as the chair usually has two buttons for operation. They operate the backrest and the leg rest, so the backrest reclines as the leg rest comes upwards. These chairs can also assist a person by lifting the seat and tilting the chair forward.

Riser recliner chairs also offer more spinal support and comfort than your standard recliner, and are great for those who suffer from poor leg circulation and similar conditions.

So whether a simple recline to assist with greater comfort, or a more sophisticated model, be sure to choose the best one for your needs, visit www.manageathome.co.uk/Living-Room/Seating/Riser-Recliner-Chairs/.

By Matt Ward, Head of Retail and Marketing