jonny wrigley, HB Villages

Jonny Wrigley, HB Villages

Supported housing expert, Jonny Wrigley, managing director of HB Villages, endorses Sir Stephen Bubb’s labelling of learning disabilities treatment in England as ‘shocking’.

“For too long now, policy-makers in England have attempted to fix problems that exist in the care sector with temporary sticking plasters. These short-term measures are hampering efforts to improve long-term care and to reduce the unsustainable burden currently being shouldered by the NHS.

“Too many hospital beds across the country are filled with vulnerable people and people with learning difficulties. Outside of hospitals, the number of large, outdated and ill-adapted facilities in which people are still receiving care is frankly shocking.

“The care of individuals in such facilities, could be [massively] improved if they were moved into quality supported housing facilities that are specially adapted to match their needs. Critically, if these facilities incorporate intelligent technology, it significantly reduces the need for round-the-clock care. This means staff are able to focus their attention where it is genuinely needed rather than spreading it thinly.

“Targeted empowerment with the proper support, can deliver much better results – which in turn means costs to the NHS are reduced while standards are improved. Most importantly of all, specialist supported housing enables people receiving care to remain independent, dignified members of the community which significantly improves their quality of life.

“People with learning and physical disabilities deserve better. So Sir Stephen is absolutely right to highlight areas for progress and bang the drum for change.”

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