Retailers are benefiting from a new range of product brochures from Repose Furniture, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke seating solutions.  The brochures cover the popular Homecare and Olympia ranges and the recently launched Harlem chair which has been specifically designed for people with Huntington’s disease.  All of the remaining brochures in the product range are in the process of being changed and will be with retailers by November.

“The importance of up to date sales literature, point of sale material and general marketing support should never be underestimated, and the release of our new brochures is the latest example of how we are continually investing in supporting our UK retailer network” commented Managing Director Lisa Wardley

As part of the design process, Repose engaged with its retailers to gather feedback with regards to what they felt their customers needed in terms of product information. The company also worked closely with its resident OT Kate Sheehan to ensure the content met the requirements of its user groups.

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