For years, therapists have been using T Rolls to help position clients suffering with bad postures caused by complex neurological conditions such as MS, Cerebral Palsy and Acquired Brain Injury. Posture care felt that patient outcomes would be limited due to the cushions being, static, cumbersome and heavy, identifying the need to develop a dynamic alternative.

“Invariably a patient suffering with neuro illness or injury will likely turn to one side at the hips and no two legs ever present the same, so a traditional T roll might only provide limited support to the user,” said Managing Director James Leinhardt.

Posture Care’s, The Onion, can be built up  to accurately fit the user’s postural. Designed to control posture and aid in positioning, lying in supine. It can help with the maintenance or correction of adduction and contractures in the lower limbs. With this innovation therapists no longer need to worry about finding the appropriate T roll to suit the height of the user or consider their range of movement at the hips and the knees. It’s covered in  vapour permeable fabric for fluid correction and easy wipe-cleaning.

“Following initial trials and filing our patent, we started selling into the  NHS and social services. So far the feedback from OT’s and Physios has been fantastic. The layered approach of the Onion makes it a corrective tool and a traditional therapeutic aid,” said James.

The onion compliments Posture care’s  flagship product the Hugga Sleep system, with extremely positive results so far. For more info contact the team on 0161 283