After three years of fast growing business in the medical research market, the company known as Brainshake has unveiled its new company name, Nightingale Health. This coincides directly with the company’s move in 2017 to clinical testing in Europe. With its unique, proprietary and powerful blood testing re-invention, Nightingale aims to solve the world’s biggest health problem. The technology has been proven to advance research in chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, and is supported by over 100 peer-reviewed biomedical publications.

Teema Suna, CEO said: 

“We have been laser focused on this revolutionary product and as we move to making it widely available, we wanted a name that truly reflects our mission, passion and values. The Nightingale bird in the Finnish translation literally means “representing many voices”. At the same time, Florence Nightingale was one of the original pioneers of modern medicine; instead of taking medical interventions as the only solution, she introduced better hygiene and nursing practice for disease prevention. In addition, she popularized visual data mapping, she was a believer in better healthcare for all. She took action, did not accept the status quo and innovated new thinking. As an inclusive and pioneering company, we are inspired by her work.”

The company will refresh its brand look and feel and as CCO Kristiina Tolvanen explains:

“We are proud to pioneer new solutions in everything we do. And this will be reflected in our identity over the coming months.”

The company simultaneously remains tirelessly focused on making their unique blood analysis solution scale with affordability, clinical integration and scalability as core foundations. Nightingale’s mission is to make life defining choices possible so rather than just diagnosing and treating diseases, we will be able to take preventive actions.

Recently, Nightingale Health’s blood analysis technology has been chosen from hundreds of applications to be presented at MIT Solve event at United Nations headquarters in March.

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