aladdin_urzone_prize_drawHKD Solutions Ltd., with the help of Widow Twankey (a.k.a. Robin Wilson, The OT Magazine) from Aladdin, selected the winner of their Christmas prize draw where they will be giving away a UrZone, worth £3895, to one lucky family.  The UrZone is a 6 in 1 safety bed / safe space for children and adults with special needs which prevents night-time wandering, entrapment during seizures or high night-time mobility or injuries from falling out of bed.

Widow Twankey picked the lucky number for entrant Alana Elliott of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.  Alana and her husband, Eric, have a beautiful 6 year old boy called Jayden who has global developmental delay and autism (non-verbal) who has no danger awareness and who wakes up between 1 and 5am every morning.  This constant sleep deprivation for the family was incredibly challenging and Jayden, who is getting bigger and stronger, had recently discovered how to climb out of his current specialized bed.  The family were urgently in need of a solution and entered HKD Solutions’ competition to win a UrZone.

“We entered a Facebook competition to win a UrZone safety bed in the hope that we could possibly win it and amazingly our name was pulled from the hat!  I would say it was possibly the best phone call we have got in our life!  This will ensure Jayden is safe at home and on holidays. Winning this bed means the world to us as Jayden feels happy and secure in enclosed spaces and finally after 5 very long years we will be able to bring our whole family on holidays.  A big thank-you to HKD Solutions.”

urzone_door_open_with_logoThe family were delighted to receive their new UrZone at Christmas.

Since its launch in September 2016, HKD Solutions Ltd. have been going from strength to strength with widespread interest in the newest safety bed to the market.  The innovative patent-pending UrZone is an incredibly strong and durable safety bed for home use, fitting into a suitcase for ease of travel.  Its use is critical for the safety of individuals who have no danger awareness, seizures or who wander at night.  It can help those with autism, epilepsy, Down’s syndrome, dementia, Smith-Magenis syndrome, Angelman syndrome, brain injuries, etc.  HKD Solutions Ltd. help families find funding sources for the UrZone if this is required.

To learn more about the UrZone, visit  Contact Heather Ling – 0131 450 7124.