There are people who go above and beyond the duties of their job every day, but for one of NRS Healthcare van drivers, this mind-set ultimately led to saving the life of a grandma from Egerton, Kent.

Jean Ryan had recently been discharged from hospital yet, unbeknownst to her family, she had fallen at home and was unable to get up. She had been laying on the ground for some time when one of our van drivers, Liam Richards, knocked on the door to deliver a parcel. Needing urgent help, Jean called for Liam to enter the property which he promptly did.

Heroic actions

To the best of NRS Healthcare’s knowledge, and according to the report given, Liam called an ambulance, stayed with Jean until her family arrived and then left to continue his deliveries. However, NRS then received an unexpected email from Jean’s granddaughter, Emily, which revealed the true extent of Liam’s conduct throughout the incident.

“My nan, Jean, had only recently come out of hospital, had a fall and was unable to get herself up. As your guy knocked on the door she called for him to come in and help. He was absolutely fantastic, called an ambulance and even made her comfortable with a pillow and dressing gown to keep her warm. He also applied something cold to the wound on her face. He waited with her until we got there and stayed even until the ambulance arrived so he could describe what happened. He was absolutely amazing and we can’t thank him enough.”

Emily then went on to tell NRS what had caused the fall and her frank response on how events could have turned out without Liam’s intervention shocked everyone at NRS Healthcare.

“We all thought nan had just had a fall and, although we understand your driver couldn’t help her up, we thought if we had been there first we would have just got her back into her chair. However, it turns out upon arrival at the hospital that she was suffering from Sepsis again and if your driver hadn’t called the ambulance and gotten her to hospital the outcome may have been very different. So in no uncertain terms this guy saved my nans life. A huge thank you and I hope you can pass this message on for me and my family.”

All in a day’s work

NRS Healthcare caught up with Liam to get his version of events and find out how it feels to be acknowledged for saving someone’s life.

“It feels really strange. I mean, everything seemed normal when I got to the house, but then I heard Mrs Ryan calling for help and so I went inside. I could see she’d fallen so I called the ambulance and then let her family know what had happened.

“I couldn’t physically move Mrs Ryan as I wasn’t sure what injuries she might have so instead a brought her a pillow and covered her with a dressing gown to make her more comfortable whilst we waited for the ambulance. When Mrs Ryan’s family got to the house they were so grateful and kept thanking me for looking after her. I decided to stay until the ambulance arrived so I could tell the paramedics what had happened from the moment I’d knocked on the door, then they took Mrs Ryan to hospital to get checked out.

“I never for one moment thought my actions might save Mrs Ryan’s life – I just did what I believe any caring person would do. I’m really glad I went inside to help her – you never know what you’re going to come across in this job and, thankfully, this was one of the rarer situations. I really hope Mrs Ryan recovers from her fall quickly and I’m sure she’ll be well looked after by her lovely family – including her granddaughter, Emily.”