• A large majority of believe that there is a lack of funding in daily work
  • 90% of respondents believe there is a shortfall of occupational therapists in the industry
  • 9 out of 10 people believe the secretary of state for health is not leading the NHS in the right direction

A recent survey carried out by care and mobility equipment supplier Yorkshire Care Equipment has discovered that 92% of 224 healthcare professionals believe that budget cuts in the NHS have hindered the quality of care to patients.

This comes after Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party Conference speech, in which she said the government “will always support the [National Health] Service to deliver safe, high quality care for all”.

Furthermore 95% of participants stated that there is a lack of funding in their daily work. Despite this, eight in ten healthcare workers admitted they were happy to stay in the industry.

When asked what changes they would like to see in the industry over the next five years, the respondents predominantly called for additional funding and better communication between health and social care. 90% of therapists also believe that there is a shortfall of people in their profession.

CEO of Yorkshire Care Equipment, Tom Hulbert said:

“It is alarming that those who work within the NHS believe that the quality of care has declined, because this is a key concern what with the growing strain on the NHS when it has less money and more patients. Actions needs to be taken to ensure that NHS staff have the best resources available so that they can deliver high quality care.

“It’s no real surprise that OTs and other healthcare professionals are feeling the pinch with budget cuts, but I think this survey shows just how disillusioned they are with the current system.”