Occupational therapists working with people with dementia now have a new online resource available to support the use of music therapy

For the person living with dementia and their carer, music may be a lifeline, with a host of evidence behind it proving its power. Music for Dementia 2020 is a new website launched yesterday, whose mission is to make music available to everyone living dementia by this year.

The website explains that, “It is anticipated that there will be one million people living with dementia in the UK by 2021. Research has shown that music and music therapy have the ability to help reduce the often-distressing symptoms of dementia, such as agitation, apathy and anxiety.

“Sadly, not everyone living with dementia has access to music and this has to change. Our aim is to make music available to everyone living with dementia by 2020.”

After the ILC-UK’s Commission report, ‘What would life be, without a song or dance, what are we?: A report from the commission on dementia and music’, Music for Dementia 2020 this by helping enhance the quality of life for people living with dementia and those who care for them.

“The website is a living, dynamic source of information,” says Grace Meadows, Programme Director for Music for Dementia 2020.

“Working with all the music, dementia, care and health communities, this site will be all encompassing and inclusive, and we want to encourage people to share their work with us so we can be making people aware of what musical activities are available in their communities and supporting access to them.”

The site offers healthcare professionals and the everyday carer advice on how to implement music therapy and toolkits, and explains why it is such a meaningful intervention. They promote everything from simple things like singing along to the radio together or making a playlist, to providing toolkits for musicians to allow them to support people with dementia.

Visit the website to see how you can use music therapy with your clients or help their families reconnect through the personal power of music.


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