IMG_9073Pupils at St John Vianney School are set to benefit from a state-of-the-art sensory room from the UK’s most innovative sensory equipment specialist thanks to funding from national sports charity The Lord’s Taverners.

Leading sensory specialist Experia designed and installed the room at St John Vianney School, which uses state of the art technology to enable the environment to be adapted to the individual and changing needs of more than 120 pupils at the school. The facility, which is designed to assist both physical and educational development includes a calming seating area, dynamic bubble wall and aromatherapy treatment to encourage sensory development.

The room, which was partly funded by a £3,500 grant from The Lord’s Taverners, will allow teachers, support staff and therapists to control equipment via their smart phones and tablets, using different sensory activities incorporating sound, light, touch and aroma to help develop balance, movement and co-ordination skills.

Experia is the preferred supplier for The Lord’s Taverners, the UK’s leading youth cricket and disability sports charity dedicated to giving disadvantaged and disabled young people a sporting chance. Together, the partnership has designed and installed more than 100 sensory rooms for schools across the country.

St John Vianney School - Cheque handoverPeter Saunders, Managing Director of Experia, said:

“We are delighted to work with The Lord’s Taverners on this project to create a bespoke sensory room for the pupils at St John Vianney. The range of products will enable staff to tailor the experience to suit the needs of each pupil and ensure students can develop their sensory skills in a way that suits them.

“The Lord’s Taverners works hard to ensure as many young people as possible have the chance to develop their skills and working with the charity to develop these sensory rooms is a great privilege. We look forward to working with the team going forward and continue to deliver as many chances for young people to learn and develop through our equipment as possible.”

Eileen McMorrow, Head of St John Vianney School and Julie Griffin, Teaching Assistant and Governer, said:

“In a specialist learning environment, it’s vital that we are using the very best technology to help our pupils and their sensory needs. The products in our new Experia sensory room are an essential part of our pupils’ development, providing a calm space for them to learn and grow independently.”

Paul Robin, CEO of The Lord’s Taverners, said:

“We are delighted to work in partnership with Experia to deliver this state-of-the-art sensory room to continue helping young people with disabilities across the UK. This new room will benefit the teachers, carers and families of St John Vianney School’s students and enhance the learning experience and future development of its pupils.”

Experia sensory equipmentExperia is the UK’s leading sensory specialist and designs, manufactures and installs sensory equipment to aid sensory development, working with schools, hospitals and specialist care centres across the country to create multisensory environments to enable users to develop their sensory skills. These include the company’s leading product, the Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment (MILE), a multi-sensory learning experience which can be tailored to the needs of the individual regardless of age or ability.

The company works with health professionals, teachers and parents to create tailored packages to enable individuals to develop their sensory needs. For further information, visit