Today, New NHS Alliance welcome NHS England’s commitment to employ 1000 additional Social Prescribers to the NHS. The move marks recognition at the highest level that non-medical practices and solutions can address some health problems.

Despite the victory, New NHS Alliance has now called on NHS England to take it further and recognise the health benefits that come when people and communities are helped to solve their own problems. Health Creation is a tried and tested approach where professionals and people work together and focus on what matters to people and the community.

Commenting Merron Simpson, CEO, said: “While welcome, there’s a danger that social prescribing could become just another part of our current transactional health service, with referrals into existing services alone. Tailored care must go hand-in-hand with people and community-led and informed solutions, cross-sector working and asset-based approaches that increase the level of meaningful connections between people and lead to increased confidence and control over their lives.

“New NHS Alliance is ready to work with general practices to ensure that their approaches to social prescribing lead to lasting improvements in the health of people and communities, particularly those where the impact of health inequalities is greatest.”

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