muggi-red_1024x1024I am always attracted to products by their colour and design, what I like about the Muggi is that it is simple, functional and colourful. Originally designed to solve a problem carrying mugs of tea and coffee on board a sailing yacht, the Muggi is a good example of innovation adapted for the disability market to make carrying hot and cold drinks safer and manageable.

The Muggi can be held in one hand and takes up to 4 mugs, for those with good strength and balance, or can be used on a wheeled trolley or wheeled frame caddy. The base has four rubber non slip feet which prevents the uni from slipping around on a tray or surface. For wheelchair users the Muggi can be attached to the side of a wheelchair using a clamp, so absolutely no excuse for anyone not to make a round of tea or coffee.


Muggi’s inventor David Trotter is open to developing the product further and has an interesting story as to how the product was first developed.

For more information contact Muggi on 07970 029346