15411-a-male-nurse-taking-a-womans-blood-pressure-pvBBC News reports that Prof Martin Green has told BBC 4’s Today programme that he believes more should be done by Government to recruit more males into front-line care roles.

“We have an ageing population and a lot of people who receive care into old age now are men,” said Prof Green.

“The majority of carers are women. When it comes to personal care in particular, some men prefer this to be done by a male rather than female,” says Prof Green.

Government statistics show that 84% of carers are female and only 16% are male. A figure that hasn’t changed since 2012.

A Department of Health spokesman said: “We would encourage more people, including men, to join the social care workforce.

“There are a wide range of opportunities for both men and women and we have published guidance on how care companies can attract more men to the profession.”

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