ardoo 1Choosing the appropriate equipment and using it effectively greatly reduces the risk of sustaining injury and increases the quality of life for all concerned. When choosing a mobile hoist, you need to consider the pros and cons and consider other possible options. The Ardoo 140 Hoist with optional stand aid attachment (Stand Aid Combo Kit) meets all your transfer needs, it’s the Lightest folding portable hoist in the market, it works effectively in the home, transfers to stair lifts or the car, for visiting family and friends and on holidays, and your carers can manage it very easy.

What do you need your hoist to do for you?

Activities – The Ardoo hoist and Combo Kit facilitates numerous tasks including transferring to and from the bed, chair or stairs lift, transferring to and from a car, in bathrooms or tight spaces, lifting from the floor or to a standing position as a Stand Aid.

Frequency – The Ardoo Caresafe 140 hoist is there for daily usage (eg all transfers) as hoist or Stand Aid and in the event of an emergency lift. (eg lifting from the floor after a fall)

The home environment

Space – Because the Ardoo 140 hoist has one of the smallest footprints of any hoist on the market it works in tight spaces such as bathrooms, toilets or indeed holiday homes. When used with the optional Stand Aid Combo Kit the end user now has two products in one (hoist and Stand Aid) thus saving valuable space along with exceptional value for money.

Furniture -The Ardoo 140 hoist works very efficiently around beds, chairs, stair lifts, etc.

Storage – No problem. The hoist can be folded up for storage or transportation in seconds with no special tools required. When the Stand Aid Combo Kit is selected the end user has two pieces of kit with minimal storage requirement (eg stored under a bed or under the stairs).

ardoo 2

Charging – The electric hoist is easily charged with a charger similar to that of a mobile phone.

Other environments

Why limit yourself to you home, the Ardoo 140 hoist will get you in and out of the car, take it on holiday or bring it to assist when visiting family and friends.

The hoist user

“As I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis I get my good and bad days. The Ardoo 140 Combo is perfect for me because we can easily change it from the Hoist to the Stand Aid, which means I don’t need to have two separate products in my home taking up space.”  J. Burke.

Size – Weighing just 23 kgs the Ardoo Caresafe hoist will lift 140kgs. (22 stone). It is the lightest folding portable hoist in the world.

The carer

It requires minimum effort to operate, turn and move. If needed, the Stand Aid Combo’s unique one-piece kneepad / footplate is simply hooked onto the hoist allowing it to function as a stand Aid. Erecting and folding, is done in seconds with no tools required.

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