Made2Aid ltd are pleased to announce that we have recently purchased the company where it will be joining the Made2Aid brand of specialist search engines and services for the health and social care market.

Find an OT pic

FIND AN OT is an online based search engine designed to locate and rate HCPC registered Independent Occupational Therapists around the UK based upon the OTs specialism.

An algorithm will match an appropriate Occupational Therapist depending on their expertise and what location they are based in with client enquiries from made2aid.

Made2Aid aim to intergrade this service with their specialist product search engine where service users can use Made2Aid to search for suitable products and then sign post to an independent occupational therapist to assess their needs for the equipment they may have sourced.

Clients that may be sourcing for products privately, will be rest assured that with this combination of services they will be guaranteed to find the right solutions to their needs.

There is already 300 registered private Occupational therapists from all over the UK, using Find an OT. With Made2Aid as a platform for this service we feel that this will generate more custom for Private Occupational Therapists as we already receive daily queries from members of the public self-sourcing equipment for themselves or a loved one.

If you are a registered private Occupational Therapist and would like to register to this growing service please contact us on 01268 814810 or create a listing via