Vida life readyJames Leckey Design Ltd, designers and manufacturers of clinically focused, posturally supportive children’s products have created a new distribution and customer care company to operate in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, called VIDA.

Leckey has been operating for over 30 years and they are leaders in the field of postural support for children with special needs. We spoke to the team at James Leckey Design Ltd to better understand what VIDA means for their customers.

As a company they are keen to ensure that all of their customers – from dealers to therapists to families – know that the products and services that they have always offered will not change. The innovative, high quality products will still be designed and manufactured by Leckey, they will simply be distributed by a division known as VIDA.

The Product Specialists will be sporting the new VIDA logo on their uniform and the vans distributing the Leckey products will now be branded with VIDA. In addition to this, they have created separate OT, PT, mobility and customer care units within VIDA and each Product Specialist is going to specialise in one of those specific areas; seating focused (OT), standing focused (PT) or mobility focused.

These divisions within VIDA have been designed to offer the customer a clearer and more tailored support service for their individual needs. There has been substantial ongoing recruitment of Product Specialists and also of service engineers. This increase in service engineers will allow the Product Specialists to focus on supporting the clients in their specialist area, while simultaneously improving service times for maintenance and servicing.

There will be a dedicated VIDA customer care centre that will arrange appointments for demonstrations and servicing and will deal with any customer queries. If you would like more information on the developments happening call 0800 318 265, email or visit