Keeping on top of your CPD portfolio can be much like keeping your CV updated.

You work hard and put in the hours to better your professional development, skillset and know how to help propel yourself further up the career ladder, to then find recording it tedious and choresome.

If you aren’t keeping on top of it regularly, it can all quickly pile up before your eyes until one day you find yourself with a mound of paperwork to play catch up with.

But by regularly keeping your ducks in a row and ensuring everything is up to date, an unexpected audit won’t fill you with panic and leave you in a race against time.

As the world-wide web grows, so too does its place in CPD. Here are three handy tools for creating an online portfolio.


The TRAMm Model for Continuing Professional Development was developed by three practicing OTs and stands for Talk, Record, Activities, Monitor and measure. They explain; “The TRAMm Model, TRAMm Tracker and TRAMm Trail, collectively known as TRAMmCPD, provide health and social care professionals with a framework to facilitate the journey through Continuing Professional Development. In order to maintain registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) all registered health and social care professionals must undertake and evidence CPD. TRAMmCPD has been devised to provide a clear framework for maintaining and recording professional development.” With free downloads available to use in recording your CPD and their book “A Strategic Guide to Continuing Professional Development for Health and Care Professionals: The TRAMm Model” available for purchase, the TRAMm model is one to have a look at.


CPDme is another online portfolio that can be accessed both on desktop and mobile and has been praised for improving organisation and being easy and clear to use when updating and referring to. The online nature allows for greater flexibility allowing OTs to update their work whilst on the move. With an easy to read dashboard, users can quickly see how up to date and balanced the CPD they have undertaken is and provides stats to ensure users can make sure they are including everything they have learned. OTs can include reflective pieces and the print function allows for easy hard copies. The basic package is free to use.


Also HCPC compliant, CPD Online is an interactive CPD portfolio designed specifically for OTs. A 14-day free trial allows users to try before they buy and records data online to allow users to access it remotely if needed. The Activities and Evidence Summary enables users to quickly log activities and evidence which can then be exported and printed as a table of information and the site hosts an ever-expanding library of CPD information, resources, references and links.