If you didn’t have an opportunity to see the Invacare® Robin® at The Occupational Therapy Show last month – read on……

The Robin

The Robin

The Robin is the only overhead hoist available that guarantees full interaction between Client and Carer throughout the transfer.

When carrying out a hoist transfer there are a number of factors to consider. These include:

– Ensuring clear and effective communication

– Managing risk

– Alleviating any client concerns

Communication – The Robin’s unique ‘Dual Strap’ technology does not rely on a spreader bar, therefore ensuring eye contact between client and carer at all times.

Risk – The Health and Safety Executive advise that the risk associated with the client coming into contact with the spreader bar should be managed during the transfer*. The Robin completely removes this risk.

Client concerns – Suitable for a wide range of patient groups, the Robin allows the carer fuller interaction and provides an environment where re-assurance can be given at all times. The lack of spreader bar also removes any fears that your client may have of coming into contact with the equipment or the equipment passing their face.

The Robin overhead hoist effectively breaks down many of the barriers associated with hoist transfers.

The Robin can be mounted on many existing manufacturers tracking systems or the Invacare® EC-Track™.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Robin, require an assessment or home survey, please contact a member of Invacare’s Safe Patient Handling team.

Call Invacare on 01656 776222 or e-mail safepatienthandling@invacare.com to find out more.