careflex 1CareFlex  have listened to there customers and are proud to announce that the bestselling HydroTilt® just got even better.

Now available with a unique, angle adjustable, padded, flip-up footplate.

The flip-up angle adjustable footplate accommodates fixed angles of plantarflexion at the ankle, and provides a more restful ankle position whilst supporting the foot.

careflex 325° Negative Angle

The leg rest now has a 25° negative angle to facilitate standing.  It also offers a more comfortable seating position for clients with tight hamstrings.

These features are available as standard at no additional cost, as are many features on the HydroTilt, including the patented, clinically assessed WaterCell Technology®

Available as an optional extra on the New HydroTilt®

carflex 4Infection Control Removable Covers

Infection prevention and control is a key clinical priority to protect patients, visitors and staff from the risk of healthcare-associated infections caused by bacteria such as MRSA and Clostridium Difficile Infection.

To help in hospital wards or wherever attention to infection control is critical, CareFlex have replaced Velcro in all exposed areas with plastic profile fittings and zips.

And also minimised exposed seams on the covers.

These benefits may be key to obtain funding.

Carers and Users can rely on the HydroTilt

The HydroTilt is an accommodating, all-round chair for posture, pressure and comfort management in equal measure.  It is suitable for a wide range of seating needs, in all care environments.

It has now been a work horse chair in hospitals and the community for 20 years.  It has been much copied and there are some cheaper ‘versions’ out there in the marketplace.  But, as ever, you do get what you pay for.  CareFlex chairs are built to last.  CareFlex guarantees are worth having, with the number of problems with the HydroTilt over the years minimal.  It is a well-thought out, effective design which is simple to use and virtually problem free.


“I have used CareFlex chairs for over 10 years, particularly for individuals with Huntington’s Disease.  The HydroTilt is an extremely robust long lasting chair, even after years of use.  I have had these chairs pressured mapped with Huntington Disease patients and have had extremely positive results.”

Senior Occupational Therapist,   Badby Park

Why a Footplate is Essential

In a normal seated posture, 19% of an average person’s body weight is distributed through the ankles and heels, making the feet a high risk area for pressure ulcers. Therefore, a footplate is essential.

Find out more about the HydroTilt and other CareFlex products at

CareFlex are trying to find the oldest HydroTilt still out there doing its job.  If you know of a HydroTilt over 10 years old, please call them on 0800 0186440.