We love Instagram, as we’re sure you do too, so here’s a few of our favourite OTs on the social media platform to make you laugh, cry, and think.

OT readsOT Reads (@ot.reads)
The only other thing we know OTs love more than a good Instagram post is a good book. OT Reads is run by Julie, an OT based in Philadelphia, and she is unsurprisingly a great lover of the written word! If you find yourself on the look out for a new book to read which will help develop both your skills as an OT and your knowledge of the field, Julie’s recommendations span a massive breadth of topics, and include everything from yoga to podcasts. She also has two unbelievably cute pugs, so if that doesn’t make you want to follow her, what will?



Bleedin OTThe Bleedin’ OT (@thebleedinot)
Something we don’t hear OTs talk about a lot is the menstrual cycle. Given how many people in the world have a period, you’d think it would be a little more widely discussed, but shame and stigma put an end to us talking about something that’s very natural and nothing to be ashamed of. This awesome feminist paediatric OT is always coming in hot with a new meme, and a brilliant point of discussion about periods. Not only that, but she’s not shy about telling us the facts about period poverty, which affects us all.




Lydia Thompson (@lbthompson1)Lydia Thompson
Not simply content with being an occupational therapist, Lydia is also a member of the Worcester and England rugby teams, proving to all of us that if she has time to do all of that, we have time to sit down and actually do some CPD. Her instagram is full of sporty stuff (she’s a rugby player, so what did we really expect), but she’s also a terrific source of inspiration, and just generally a very cool person. 




Student OTThe Student OT (@thestudentOT)
Remember what it was like to be a student occupational therapist? Maybe you still are one, or maybe it’s a foggy memory in your past. The Student OT is- well, they’re a student of occupational therapy in London. They write weekly posts which summarise, in quite open and pure detail, what it’s like to be an OT student. Reading their Instagram feels a little bit like reading someone’s diary in a kind of clandestine way, but it’s a great source of solidarity for other students, and a lovely place to drop some nuggets of OT wisdom to the young padawans from the older, OT jedis.



WTF is OTOccupational Therapy Advocate (@wtf_is_ot)
Do you ever see an Instagram account and get really jealous because it’s just so good? This is that account for us. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, and it’ll make you do your best impression of Captain America in the Avengers saying “I understood that reference” at all the high-quality occupational therapy memes. They also have a few great stories, which range from explaining what OT is for people who may be unsure, resources, and insights to name just a few.



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