Tune in over the next fortnight to hear from Jennifer Hayman about her and her family’s life changing experience with the Rota-Pro® chair bed from Nexus DMS.

In a series of five previews leading up to the full video case study, Jennifer and her husband Tim discuss her healthcare conditions, how Rota-Pro® has helped her cope with those conditions and the peace of mind it has afforded Tim and their daughters.

“Before I had this bed I had never for years slept through the night and I can honestly say since having Rota-Pro®, I have slept through the night from 11pm till 6am…I would like to find the designer who designed this bed and give them a big hug.”

As featured in the Nexus DMS January blog post, Jennifer has suffered for some time from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. As a consequence, her mobility has been impaired – until recently getting anywhere in the house, even using her walking frame, was incredibly uncomfortable and extremely slow. She couldn’t get her legs in and out of bed by herself, which placed a considerable strain upon her husband and put them both at risk of discomfort and injury.

Using Rota-Pro® Jennifer has found, from the countless adjustment options available, a position which takes away the pain she suffered and is now able to do what many people take for granted in simply walking to the kitchen or the toilet without Tim – who no longer has to put himself at risk – lifting her out of bed.

Other Specific Outcomes include

– Within three days, Jennifer was sleeping through the night, offering much needed respite and recovery that hadn’t been possible for years;

– With this quality sleep came vast improvements to her health, as her body was at last able to recuperate and re-energise;

– Jennifer is once again able to get out of bed unaided whenever she likes, preserving valuable energy for both her and her husband, and restoring Jennifer’s much prized dignity and independence;

– With her mobility dramatically improved, Jennifer can move around her home so much more easily, making day to day tasks so much more manageable and meaning basic needs like going to the toilet are no longer an anxiety-inducing nightmare;

– And, with her autonomy intact, Jennifer can continue to function independently at home, preventing the need for costly care provision and reducing the strain on hospital services, now and into the future.

When can you see the videos?

Fri 16 June – Preview video 1 – Introducing Jennifer

Mon 19 June – Preview video 2 – Comfortable Sleep

Wed 21 June – Preview video 3 – Helping Jennifer’s Conditions

Fri 23 June – Preview video 4 – Family Peace of Mind

Mon 26 June – Preview video 5 – Tim’s view (Jennifer’s Husband)

Wed 28 June – Full video case study release

To find out more about Nexus DMS, visit their website www.nexusdms.co.uk.