Our homes are the places we should feel at our most relaxed, safe and confident. When this is compromised through illness, accident or general decrease in mobility through the ageing process many will turn to an occupational therapist to help them determine what changes could be made at home to enhance their day to day life including home lifts

An occupational therapist will want to ensure that a client’s home environment best meets the individual’s changing or new abilities. That may be through advice on equipment such as hoists or handrails, all the way through to offering support on larger purchases such as stairlifts or domestic lifts. The client may need advice with other more major modifications required to the home itself, such as building wet rooms or wheelchair access.

The right home lift, for example, can be a truly life-enhancing investment for clients with reduced mobility, but there is such a wealth of options on the market that it can be hard for both the individual themselves and their OTs to determine the product that will best suit their needs.

More and more OTs are seeing considerable benefits in selecting a domestic lift rather than a stairlift when it comes to requiring a discreet solution, or one that will enable a client to travel safely and easily between the floors of their home.

New Resource for OTs
A new home lift comparison website has been launched which can help provide guidance to OT professionals to help support their clients in making the right choice. The Home Lift Experts website (www.homeliftexperts.co.uk) shows a range of the most popular domestic lifts available on the market.

Their team of specialists can take into consideration budget, the aesthetic style required if it is for a classic or contemporary home, for example, and if multi-floor access is required. The Home Lift Experts can also help assist on the right size of lift if a wheelchair or walking frame is required.

In terms of cost, the home lifts are priced differently depending on the requirements and installation, but the site aims to provide the best price point possible. As well as having the information readily available on the website, the Home Lift Experts has its own customer service, building and installation specialists to guide end users every step of the way.

Having assisted a client with making their decision on what would best suit their needs, occupational therapists can be reassured that selecting a lift from this site will result in a thorough, step-by-step approach to installing one.