Research commissioned by Stiltz Lifts has revealed that nearly 40% of people would feel safer knowing their parents were travelling to the upstairs of their home in a home lift rather than a stairlift according to a new study.

Researchers polled 2,000 adults aged 40 or over and all the people asked were in contact with at least one parent that lives independently at home.

The study revealed that 788 of respondents preferred their mother or father to use a partially enclosed home lift instead of a exposed stairlift. Eighteen% (360) did not believe their parent or parents would be any safer in a home lift, with 42% not sure.

The research carried out by showed 69% agreed that their parent’s desire for independence was the most important thing to them with 13% stating they wanted to stay at home but make home modifications to make it more accessible.

Moving to a care home or into the family home were clearly not desirable options and 2% of those polled said their parents would like to move to a care home but could not afford it.

Stuart Barrow, an occupational therapist from Promoting Independence Limited, added: “Our job as an OT is to help enable somebody to regardless of disability and impairment stay at home. If you cannot put a lift or make a home modification in the property you have to relocate them. This means they lose their GP, their family, so by putting a through the floor home lift in enables them to remain at home.”