3396904876-webSarah Jones, from Heathfield, is helping promote Starjumpz Children Centre in Tunbridge Wells, which launches its first Starjumpz Club on January 14.

The club offers occupational and behavioural therapy to up to six children at a time with sensory, co-ordination and social skill challenges.

Sarah points out the club offers services to children in Sussex and Kent from five to 12 living with ASD, ADHD, Aspergers, sensory processing disorder, developmental delay, social, communication or behavioural difficulties. Her eldest child has been treated there for her sensory processing disorder.

The ten week programme aims to enhance social interaction, attention spans, motor and language skills and improve self-esteem.

Parents can also learn coping strategies and support in everyday life. As well as children in mainstream education, Starjumpz also attracts home schooled youngsters who find school life difficult and even unbearable.

Weekly Wednesday sessions from 9.30 to 11.30am are run by behavioural therapist Athene Burdge, an occupational therapist and assistant.

Director Jo Brett said: “We have a progressive approach. Individual therapies have always been the main focus for us, but by talking to parents, we could really see how group therapies could also benefit children. If they are also being home educated, then it is a great environment for them to mix with same aged children with similar issues.”

Find out more on: 01892 510257 or visit: www.starjumpz.com.

Sussex Express