The countdown is on to the terrifying deadline of your HCPC audit. Do not fear, you are nearly there and we know that you have got this!

Hopefully you have realised that while that dreaded letter that dropped on your doormat a few weeks ago summoning you to prove your professional learning and commitment to your role as an OT, is daunting, it has helped you realise that you are more prepared for this than you thought.

With less than four weeks to go before you submit your CPD work we reached out to our extensive network of OTs to find out how they got through the depths of the HCPC audit. We have collated their advice and tips to bring you a bit of a survival guide to help you towards the finish line.

  1. Don’t panic, you still have 24 sleeps before the deadline
  2. Even if you are the most disorganised person in the world, believe in the method of your madness and start making piles
  3. Visit to remind yourself what the HCPC are looking for from you
  4. Write down a plan of attack and take it one step at a time
  5. Stop watching cute animal videos on YouTube
  6. Talk to your colleagues and peers and ask them for advice
  7. Cancel your Netflix account
  8. Set aside some specific time slots to allow you to focus solely on this audit
  9. Visit to take a look at the advice they offer registrants
  10. Use Facebook and Twitter accounts to ask your OT network any questions you have
  11. Don’t get distracted when using Facebook and Twitter – focus on the task in hand
  12. Read The OT Magazine – we are CPD-certified so you can use the information you learn from the magazine towards your CPD profile
  13. Coffee is your friend, keep your caffeine levels up
  14. Make sure you submit your audit on time
  15. Celebrate once it is all over, but learn from your experience and make a promise to keep you CPD in order from now on!

We heard from a couple of OTs on Facebook who have been through the HCPC audit recently, here is what they had to say:

Mia Moody
“Yes, I have been selected twice in a row!! Luckily not again this year! Pretty scary initially and a bit time consuming, but not as daunting once you have a plan. I have communicated any tips, support and advice to as many of my colleagues/local OTs as possible to help since. I’m also glad to see that the guidance has in fact improved this year to being more straight forward and less ambiguous – certainly in terms of the number of pieces of evidence HCPC suggest you submit. I will always help where I can.”

Rebekah Wright
“Just been through the audit process for the first time, my top tips are 1) don’t put off getting started, you’re just delaying the inevitable 2) use all the resources available to help you – the HCPC website has examples which are helpful & the booklet they send you has all the info on how to complete the audit and 3) always assume you’ll be selected & be prepared by keeping your list of CPD activities up to date!”

(Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay)

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